About HearAngel

The Company

HearAngel® software has been developed by LimitEar Ltd, a UK company formed 12 years ago with the sole purposes of safeguarding the hearing of headphone users.

LimitEar’s hardware products, HDM® Pro, and LimitEar-FL® protect headphone user employees in line with the Noise at Work Regulations and the hearing health recommendations of The World Health Organisation. They are used in many applications including military, security, interpretation, live events and TV and radio broadcast.

The company is a supplier to a number of organisations including the BBC, Formula One Management, Ministry of Sound, Sennheiser, Walt Disney and the Canadian and Dutch governments.

The experience, know-how and core intellectual property developed by LimitEar has now been brought together in an embedded software product for the consumer electronics headphone market.

The HearAngel® team

Stephen Wheatley CEO
CEO specialising hi tech with a business development bias. One of the founders of TRACKER Network who raised £8M, generated sales of £75M and sold the company for £39M. LinkedIn

Fred Cahill NED
Former SVP of, Cobham Communications & Connectivity who has held senior posts with ERA Technology, Thales Communications UK, Racal Defence Electronics, Unisys, and GEC Marconi.

Richard Glover CTO
A qualified electronics engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the application of electronics for audio, scientific and medical sectors who has developed significant intellectual property for a number of clients. LinkedIn

Peter Langley IP Adviser
Owns Origin LLP an IP law practice advising King, Arm Holdings and TomTom amongst others. Peter has acted on the sales and purchase of $400m of IP and on 20 IP litigations in the last five years. LinkedIn

Jonathan Apps CFO
Chartered accountant with over 20 years' experience in the TMT listed and early stage sectors who has raised over £80m. Jonathan was at Cloud Networks Limited where he raised €15m of equity and €15m of debt and led the disposal of the company to BSkyB for an investor return of 3x. LinkedIn

Tony Wright Scientific and Medical Adviser
Emeritus Professor of Otolaryngology at University College London’s Ear Institute and former ENT consultant at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital. He is past president of the ENT Research Society and wrote a guide to "Deafness and Tinnitus" published by the BMJ. Biography