How HearAngel works

The Science

The silent epidemic of permanent hearing loss

We started to evolve as humans around five million years ago, with hearing to enable us to communicate and keep us safe. Our hearing hasn’t evolved much since.

We use headphones more and more in our daily lives, but our hearing has not evolved to be exposed to these large sound doses and, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), as a result more than 1.1 billion of us are at risk of permanent, avoidable noise induced hearing loss.

The biggest source of large sound doses for most of us is from headphones, so new safety standards have been introduced to provide us with information about our sound exposure over time so we can manage it ourselves.

Child on iPad wearing headphones

What are the safety standards?

The highest current safety standard is the voluntary ITU/WHO H.870 which the World Health Organisation announced in February 2019. In December 2019 the ITU/WHO announced that Apple had integrated the standard into their health app.

This standard requires that headphone users are given information about their sound dose and that they acknowledge these warnings.

The second standard IEC 62368 – 1:2018 will come into effect in Europe and North America (with other countries planning to follow) in December 2020. This standard provides manufacturers with two options, the second of which is similar to H.870 but less demanding.

HearAngel® when integrated into the mobile phone handsets or wireless headphones can meet both the IEC 62368 – 1:2018 and/or ITU/WHO H.870 standards and those yet to come.

Why HearAngel®?

HearAngel® is built into your mobile phone handset or wireless headphones to calculate the effect of what you listen to and give you accurate information about your listening habits, notifying you if you are at risk; think of it as a Fitbit for your ears.

If you want, you can choose to enable HearAngel®’s protection feature, which will manage your exposure automatically, making sure that you don’t exceed your Daily Sound Allowance® and preventing you from being exposed to harmful sound doses.

Parents or carers concerned about their children’s exposure can activate the parental control feature which will limit the child's peak exposure level, their sound dose and listening period to those selected.

Getting HearAngel® now
Right now, Samsung users can download a preview of the HearAngel® App free of charge. Please go to the Play Store and download it in the usual way.

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Future versions of HearAngel® will be available for a comprehensive range of handsets and wireless headphones.