Protection against hearing loss


HearAngel® is the best way for you and your family to use headphones without having to worry about damaging your hearing. It’s delivered as software in mobile phone handsets or in wireless headphones. HearAngel® calculates the effect of what you listen to and lets you know when you’re at risk of overexposure. You can select automatic protection if you wish.

Parental control features enable you to manage your children’s listening habits and choose their listening levels and duration.

Getting HearAngel® now
Right now, Samsung users can download a preview of the HearAngel® App free of charge. Please go to the Play Store and download it in the usual way.

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Future versions of HearAngel® will be available for a comprehensive range of handsets and wireless headphones.

Child on iPad wearing headphones

How HearAngel® Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Works

Hearing damage can be caused by listening for long periods at quite moderate levels, or for quite short periods at very high volume. It is a complex combination of listening period (time), how loud you listen (volume) and the energy content (density) of the sound you listen to, that creates the “dose” of sound that does the damage.

Speech typically has a low energy, because of the pauses between words but Electronic Dance Music, which is usually highly compressed, will have a MUCH higher energy for the same peak to peak listening level.

Everyone has a recommended Daily Sound Allowance (DSA®). The World Health Organisation recommend no more than 80dBA (average level) over a 24 hour period. This means that you can listen louder for some of the time, as long as this is offset by periods where your level is lower or you’re not listening at all.

Until now, there has been no way that your sound dose could be calculated outside of a laboratory. This is the clever bit; HearAngel® calculates how long you listen, how loud you listen and the energy in what you listen to give you accurate information about your listening habits and will notify you if you are at risk. It has no effect on the sound quality and if you wish, it can automatically adjust the sound level to keep you safe.

To safeguard your children’s hearing, HearAngel® includes parental control features which lets you set your own values for Peak Level, DSA® use and even the listening period for selected apps on your children’s phones.

Introducing the MVP version of the app

Getting started
When you first run the app, after you’ve downloaded and installed it in the usual way, HearAngel® will ask you to choose some headphones from a drop down list. This list is currently limited to more popular models, and more will be provided in future updates.

Once you have chosen some headphones go to the settings tab and choose the warnings you want.

Staying notified
HearAngel® sits in the background on your smartphone and provides you with notifications to let you know what your current listening level is. It keeps an eye on the length of time you have been listening, to let you know how close you are to reaching your daily limit. You’ll get a warning notification when you have used up your selected percentage your DSA®.

Going automatic
When you use the auto mode, the sound level is automatically controlled for you, to make sure that your exposure to noise over time doesn’t go above hearing health guidelines. Remember that HearAngel® is working to ensure that your hearing dose over the entire day is safe, so it only makes small adjustments to the sound level.

Getting HearAngel® in the future
HearAngel® will soon be a feature in mobile phone handsets and wireless headphones to provide hearing safeguarding features that protect you and meet ITU/WHO H.870 or the enhanced levels of the new EN62368-1:2018 safety standards.

HearAngel® is co-operating with top silicon manufacturers, including Qualcomm, to deliver hearing safeguarding software that meets both the enhanced level of IEC 62368 – 1:2018 and/or ITU/WHO H.870 for their customers who manufacture mobile phone handsets and wireless headphones.